Friday night fun and Shenanigans mean we just had episode XXXIX (or 39 for us that don’t read Roman Numerals)

February 19, 2021

Justin, Da Freak, and I want to thank you all for your continued support!  I have to admit, this started as a silly drunken idea at a local pizza dive and now we all look forward to the weekly get-togethers.  


It was an interesting chit-chat about COVID, in-restaurant dining re-starting, hockey (AGAIN!!), we made fun of Canada's silly laws and swearing parrots!  Thanks to Da Freak for bringing the trivia game....it was interesting to know what mike and Justin don't know! 


Next week is episode 40!!!  WOWSERS!!! 


I am going to pre-appologize....because Justin is letting me (Heather) be in charge of the technical side for 1 whole episode.  Justin has faith that I can handle this....I'm not sure yet!!  :)  We will see how this goes!  Should be interesting!


If you have any ideas for upcoming shows, feel free to let us know.  


Take care!  Stay safe!! WASH YOUR HANDS!!

See you next week!






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